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problem comport, iocl and FIONREAD

Hi all,

I'm seeing a problem with ioctl and FIONREAD, I use the
following code to check if there are any bytes in the
input buffer of a comport.

unsigned int SerialIO::getBufferSize()

int bufferedBytes = 0;

ioctl(IOPortHandle, FIONREAD, &bufferedBytes);

   if (bufferedBytes == -1)

      bufferedBytes = 0;
      /* log an error */


return (unsigned int)bufferedBytes;


the problem is that even when there is data in the buffer bufferedBytes has a value of zero.

Searching the net I've found an unresolved gcc bug report
on the same problem issued 2 months ago:

I'm wondering 1. If any cygwin users have encountered such a problem? 2. If they have, were they able to find a solution etc..

Any help would be very much appreciated



PS: I ran the same code on solaris and openbsd, seems to work fine...

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