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Re: 1.5.6-pre: Occasional bad memory accesses within cygwin1.dll

On Sun, Dec 28, 2003 at 03:52:33PM -0000, Max Bowsher wrote:
>I installed a self-built cygwin HEAD version - mostly it works fine, but it
>causes odd failures during builds (speculation: race when many processes
>being created and destroyed?)
>The most common failure is a Windows error box:
>The instruction at "0x6108621a" references memory at "0x610030b0". The
>memory could not be written.
>(These addresses are constant.)
>$ addr2line -e /bin/cygwin1.dll 0x6108621a 0x610030b0

This isn't too useful, unfortunately.  The line numbers are an artifact
of the fact that there is no STABS information in the generated asm in
'sigfe.s'.  Can you get an assembly listing of the lines around this

>The errors are usually in sed, grep, or dirname.
>This is sometimes accompanied by this error on the console:
>4 [proc] sh 1160 sig_send: error sending signal 20 to pid 1160, pipe handle
>0xFFFFFFFF, Win32 error 6

I fixed a problem like this a while ago.  It's difficult to see how this
case could occur unless you are using an old version of, in
particular, the no_signals_available macro sounds like it isn't


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