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Re: Windres Problem with ComboBox/tabbing? - Fixed/MinGW Problem

Thanx Igor for the pointer, I joined the list and got my answers.

For anybody that cares, or runs into the same problems:

1.  The combobox control's "height" parameter is the height <i>with the
dropdown active</i> of the control, not its height with the dropdown hidden.
This doesn't seem to be well explained in either Microsoft or other people's

2.  The tabbing problem is a bit more subtle and if you are running with
MinGW as I am, you are going to have it UNLESS your
GetMessage/Translate/Dispatch loop at the end of "WinMain" is:

while (GetMessage(&Msg,NULL,0,0)){
    if ((!IsWindow(hwnd)) || (!IsDialogMessage(hwnd,&Msg))){

The "IsDialogMessage" function determines if a message is for the current
dialog box and processes it, if it is.

This doesn't seem to be documented anywhere, except with a key accelerator
is used in the application code.


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