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Delightful collection!

I don't think your acronym list should have any that haven't appeared, but...

LLLL: Life's Little Lessons Learned. (Also L^4)

We who say that acronyms are acronyms only if you can pronounce them (i.e., RADAR, SONAR, LORAN, etc.) are fighting a losing battle. There just doesn't seem to be an equally-catchy word to describe the likes of VM and FTP; even Richard Lederer could only come up with "initialism" for the more-general case.

Fwiw, I just installed Cygwin (98 SE), and [less] complains of a missing .dll and won't run. (However, IIRC, the Pause key works! Fantastic!) I'm temporarily distracted from going to the FAQ; that's my next place to go.

What you folk are doing is quite interesting; reminds me of loopback and UMSDOS, but doesn't seem to be either.


Here's wishing you a bright and shiny New Year, but if you prefer a matte finish, by all means may have that, instead.

Nicholas Bodley <#o#> Waltham, Mass.
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