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Re: Please try the latest snapshot -- it is close to cygwin 1.5.6

At 12:46 PM 12/27/2003 -0500, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>I missed the 'sh -c' clue in your previous message.  Since sh uses
>vfork, that indicates a vfork problem.  I've checked in some more
>changes to deal with this.  It seems to do the right thing both with sh
>-c and without.  It also should have the added benefit of doing the
>right thing wrt deallocating the console appropriately since open_fhs
>should now track the ctty usecount.  This was screwed up before,
>apparently even before I started mucking with the tty stuff.
>I sure do hate usage counting.

Yes, that works fine now, as does bash -c inetd.

However when I launch inetd from an rxvt window running bash, or
from a Dos window running cygwin.bat with tty, I still see tty handles
in inetd.

CYGWIN_ME-4.90 hpn5170x 1.5.6(0.108/3/2) 2003-12-27 17:25 i686 unknown unknown Cygwin

I ran   strace -o trace rxvt -d :0 -e bash 
followed by inetd in the rxvt window.

The trace, available on,
shows that the usecount is off by one. 

Correct run (bash -c inetd):
  159  220557 [main] inetd 34889607 setsid: sid 34889607, pgid 34889607, ctty -1, open_fhs 3
  168  220725 [main] inetd 34889607 fhandler_tty_slave::close: /dev/tty2 closed, decremented open_fhs 2, usecount 2

Incorrect run (under rxvt)
  167   88587 [main] inetd 34937947 setsid: sid 34937947, pgid 34937947, ctty -1, open_fhs 3
  159   88746 [main] inetd 34937947 fhandler_tty_slave::close: /dev/tty2 closed, decremented open_fhs 2, usecount 3


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