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Re: Two mutt issues

Hello Igor,

> > > I have two problems using mutt on cygwin:
> > > 1. I've used this mailcap file:
> > > application/*; cygstart %s
> > > image/*; cygstart %s
> > > text/*; cygstart %s
> > > video/*; cygstart %s
> > >
> > > But it doesn't seem to work, when I try to open a Word attachment it says
> > > it's corrupted. When I save it and open it from the explorer it looks OK.
> >
> > I'd bet this one is a text/binary issue, but I've not looked into it.
> > My guess would be that the text/binary logic that I added for saving is
> > being bypassed somehow during save-to-temp-then-viewing.
> 'cygstart' should use the file extension association in Windows to view
> the file...  Does mutt save temp files with proper extensions?
Yes it does.

> To the OP: try copying the temp file and renaming it to the proper
> extension, and then run cygstart on it.  Also try mounting /tmp in binary
> mode.
I have a view-attachment script the basically copies the file to /tmp and
run cygstart on it. This works.

Smile, damn it, smile.

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