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Re: Problem using export command

Anjali Bharat Shah wrote:
> Hi Brian,

Please keep replies to the list and not to me directly.

> 1)Your CLASSPATH contains a directory with a space in it, probably
> > \Program Files.  You'll need to quote it so that the shell sees it all
> > as one word.
>   Can you please show how to use quotes for such directories? as in where to
> place the quotes? Also does the export command have to be outside the script
> at the prompt or does it work from inside the script as well?


The export will set the variable in the environment of that script and
any processes launched from it.  It cannot change the value of variables
in the environment above it.  To get around this you typically use the
'source' command which runs a script in the context of the current shell
rather than spawning a subshell.

> > 2) Also, I don't think LD_LIBRARY_PATH has any effect under Cygwin.
> > There's no such feature.
> > Can you please suggest the equivalent variable same?

Under Windows, the system searches the PATH for shared libraries
(.DLLs).  I think it also searches the directory of the executable
first, and then tries the PATH.  (It might be the other way around, I
don't know.)


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