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RE: Unable to compile cygwin

> I am still not able to build Cygwin from the latest CVS sources...
> But anyway, that's only a part of the problem. My boss wants to be sure
> there is no malicious code in the Cygwin distribution I use.
> So he's telling me to rebuild it from scratch from the CVS sources.
> His logic is that since we can look into the sources and check that there is
> no malicious code in it, if we build a version from these sources, we can
> assume they contain no trojan or whatever.

Well, unless your boss reads and understands every line of code, he's assuming
the exact same thing as if you were just using the precompiled stuff.  And not
just Cygwin proper either: every line in *every app* that you run on Cygwin.
Your boss's "logic" is not exactly up to Mr. Spock's standards.

> But if I understood correctly, I must use Cygwin to rebuild the sources.
> When I told him that, he went all mad and told me that he could not trust my
> version of Cygwin to rebuild these sources, since it could 'insert'
> malicious code without us knowing it even though the sources are perfectly
> clean.

Jeez, yeah dude, I'd say building Cygwin hardly registers as part of your
problem! ;-)  Unless perhaps your boss and you work at the NSA or the FBI or
something.  Tell him that you also can't rebuild Windows *at all* and see what
he says, if he says anything at all instead of giving you the dead-fish look.

I bet you get the latter.

Gary R. Van Sickle

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