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RE: Two mutt issues

> Hello,
> The current version of Outlook finally made me move to mutt :-)

Why, does Outlook 2003 block *all* attachments now? ;-)

> I have two problems using mutt on cygwin:
> 1. I've used this mailcap file:
> application/*; cygstart %s
> image/*; cygstart %s
> text/*; cygstart %s
> video/*; cygstart %s
> But it doesn't seem to work, when I try to open a Word attachment it says
> it's corrupted. When I save it and open it from the explorer it looks OK.

I'd bet this one is a text/binary issue, but I've not looked into it.  My guess
would be that the text/binary logic that I added for saving is being bypassed
somehow during save-to-temp-then-viewing.

> 2. I'm working with Maildir folder (the default for 'getmail'), when I try
> to sync after deleting a message I get the following error:
> rename: No such file or directory (errno = 2)
> And the file is not deleted.
> Any suggestions?

Maildir isn't directly supported on Cygwin unfortunately, and likely never will
be due to its violation of POSIX filename rules.  The error you're seeing is a
direct result of this.  That said, people have reported some success with
Maildirs by using Cygwin's new "Managed mounts" feature, q.v., and putting their
mailboxes on one.

Gary R. Van Sickle

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