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Great product.

I have just loaded a fresh copy of CygWin onto a new machine, and found the 'startxdmcp.bat' batch script. After five minutes fiddling with a local SuSE box, I got my KDE Window Manager to display absolutely bit-perfect on my Windows box. No fuss, no messing, it just works, perfectly. I would like to congratulate any persons involved.

The only issue I have is that when I use the local CygWin, eg, displaying a local xterm, it messes the KDE Window Manager up. Calls after this will fail:

Connection to "host:0" rejected.

Or something like this. If I enter 'xterm +' into the local CygWin it fixs the problem, accept that KDE now opens windows on my Windows desktop, and not within it's own Windows Manager.

This is not a problem, as the windows still show bit-perfect, and having them in the Windows task-bar rather than the KDE task-bar is in some ways better. (Although only in the first of my twin-head graphics card. :)

But I would like to control whether CygWin opens windows within the X-Windows Manager or within MS-Windows? Can any person suggest a mechanism to complete this?

Thanks again for a great product.

Ben Clewett.

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