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Re: Unable to compile cygwin

I don't see how your sarcastic remarks relate to what i said...

Yeah.  You're right.  It's better to just assume it's gloriously
trustworthy if it's free software and maliciously bad if it comes from

all i said was that its harder to prove something in a negative context rather than a positive one, I didn't say OSS was more secure than proprietary s/w.

from a security pov everything is like a chain, and regardless of
how strong some links in the chain are the old adage is true in
that your chain is only as strong as its weakest link, meaning
regardless of the fact that you have a good sense of s/w
development or keep an eye open of buffer over run situations and
the alike you will still have a weak link in the chain and that
is the end user.

who cares if cygwin is secure or not, because it doesn't matter and the reason is because its running on windows, an analogy would be having the front of your house fortified like a castle but leaving the back wide open which is what is happening with cygiwn on windows, who cares if you can use openssh with 2kb keys to let users login and do stuff, cause none of that matters when you are running windows, someone wanting to get into your system has only to invoke one of the thousands of remote access holes that are in the windows infrastructure to gain access to your system and thats the truth so instead of wasting time trying to make things "look'n'feel" secure why not spend some time on the inherent threading and signaling problems cygwin has, and please stop making sarcastic remarks, just imagine the things you could achieve if you spend the brain power you waste on coming up with such sarcastic remarks on this mailing list, on other more productive things to do with cygwin...

Just imagine.



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