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RE: Here's a revised SSMTP

Hi Corinna,

On Mon, 22 Dec 2003 15:01:06 +0100 you wrote:

>while I appreciate the work you've put into this project, I don't think
>it's the way to go to stick with the current version of ssmtp and only
>change it that much for Cygwin. 
>The mainline version of ssmtp is currently 2.60.4 (see
> and I think it would be a
>good idea trying to keep in sync with mainline and to submit patches
>back to mainline (something I myself haven't done, admittedly).

I had no idea that ssmtp was under development somewhere else-- had I
known, I might've saved myself the time of rewriting this one. I can't
get a response from their ftp server at the moment, but I'll have to
drift over there eventually and take a look. That may be a while,
though-- what I have now works well enough, and I'm busy with other

>Since you seem to be way more interested in using and maintaining
>ssmtp, I'm offering to step back as maintainer so that you can step
>forward and take over.  I guess that would be in everyone's interest.

Sorry, I can't commit to investigating bug reports, keeping up with
development, and the other things I'd feel responsible for as the
maintainer of a software package. I didn't want to rewrite ssmtp, but I
couldn't find anything else that small and simple, which does pretty
much what I need. Having rewritten it though, I thought I'd share it
with other Cygwin users.


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