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Re: Question about default base address and offset for rebasing DLLs


Sorry for the delay...

On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 01:38:03AM -0800, Rafael Kitover wrote:
> I noticed that the /bin/rebaseall script assumes the following:
> DefaultBaseAddress=0x70000000
> DefaultOffset=0x10000
> Is this going to be the standard base and offset for DLLs in Cygwin?

I guess so.  I based my decision on the following:

Note I eliminated MIPS support in favor of a larger rebase address

> Is this then a reasonable thing to include in the Cygwin hints file
> for my Perl project:
> package MY;
> sub MY::dynamic_lib {
>    my $target = shift->SUPER::dynamic_lib(@_);
>    if (defined $target && $target && -e '/bin/rebase') {
>         $target .= <<'EOF';
>         rebase -v -d -b 0x70000000 -o 0x10000 $@

I guess so.

> Will binutils eventually rebase things to some sort of standard as
> well?

Not unless you supply a patch... :,)  However, since the build and
target machines are unlikely to match (from a rebase POV), I don't think
this is a viable approach.  IMO, integration with Cygwin's setup.exe is
a better way to go.


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