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Here's a revised SSMTP

Looks like SSMTP has been getting some attention lately. It's
definitely the thing to use, when you don't want a full-blown MTA. I've
done some significant rewriting, so I'm attaching a tar.bz2 because
it's actually smaller than a patch would be. Here're some of the
changes I've made:

If your mail server requires authenticatiion (like mine), you can now
put your userid and password in the config file. Of course, I'm sure
that no one wants such info in the clear in a text file, so I wrote a
little utility to encode it, and incorporated that utility into the
config file generator script. You can still put your userid and
password on the command line, if you wish.

Added a bit of code to explicitly handle <CRLF> line terminators in the
input stream, as per an earlier thread. Shouldn't matter now what mount
strategy you're using, how your MUA hands off an outgoing message to
SSMTP, etc.

Implemented dynamic memory allocation for the headers and recipient
list buffers. These can now be any size up to available memory.

Swatted a few bugs (eg. a malloc() without a free()), merged and
simplified a few functions, reorganized the code so you can read it and
actually figure out what's going on, and pretty much brought everything
up to ANSI C.

I think there were some other things but it's been a while since I last
worked on it.


I caught the comma at the end of a string of recipients thing that
Robert Schneck mentioned (because my old MUA does that), but not where
it clips short the list. I'll get around to looking at his fix and
sticking it in, if he doesn't do it first.

I wasn't sure and I've been putting it off, but tonight I checked:
SSMTP doesn't strip out the Bcc: header before sending the message.
Chances are that your mail server doesn't do it either, which means
that it's not Blind.

Anyway, it seems pretty stable to me, but I'm not sure I've checked out
everything. I'm interested to hear what people think of it. And I'll
leave it to the maintainer to decide if it gets a new version number.


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