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Re: [1.5.5] perl stuff building

"Brian Dessent" <> wrote in message">
> dominix wrote:
> > {let forgive my backup issue}
> > I completely understand what you mean, but I consider a community can
> > by itself, I really mean : "for some case I could help some perl
> > fanatic^H^H^H passionate regarding cygwin issue", but it became
> > impossible^H^H^H painfull regarding the dailly traffic on cygwin ML.
> > I've gotten a lot of help from gerrit P.A. a few _years_ ago on this ML
> > so I propose a specific ML as a starting point. At least it would help
> > cygwin{perl fanatics} users, like you and me, (not so bad as a starting
> > point) at best, in a possible future, it would help maintainers and
> > authors.let's just free the potential.
> If you want to downgrade Perl to 5.8.0 it is possible, but of course not
> supported.  You can easily find the packages by using a FTP search
> engine and knowing how they were named.  For example:
> That returns 27 mirror sites that still have the old version.  Some of
> them probably have updated since alltheweb spidered them, but I'm sure
> you can find it if you look.

that very kind of you.
FYI: there were *1* valid perl-5.8.0-1 over the 27. (small ratio isn't it)
BTW, that do the job.
no trouble with setup with me :-) but thanks for the trick (for future


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