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Re: adding to and upgrading a cygwin installation...

On Fri, 19 Dec 2003 wrote:

> Can anyone point me to any good information about "adding to" and
> upgrading a cygwin installation ?

> The reason I ask is, whenever I try and use setup.exe it goes through
> the entire setup process from scratch.
This is normal, but you do not understand.

> So, for example, if I want to simply add the vi editor, it comes up
> with all of the "defaults" selected, and I pick vi, and then
> setup proceeds to uninstall some of my stuff (which I had explicitly
> installed before, and install extra stuff, etc...).
Setup shouldn't uninstall anything unless you tell it to or it is
preparing to upgrade the package.

Default means get everything in the default set, or upgrade it if I've
already got it.

Setup automatically installs dependent packages.  So, if vi depends on
another package, you will get that one too (extra stuff).

> I can't imagine I'm doing this right, and figure I must be "setup.exe
> impaired" or something, so if anyone could give me a pointer on how to
> do this...
Probably :-).

> Also, is there any easy way to essentially just "upgrade" all of your
> currently installed cygwin packages ?
> Something kind of like debians "apt-get upgrade" ?
See above, default.

> Finally, can you essentially just unzip a package at the base of the
> cygwin tree to install it ?
Sometimes, but not recommended.

> Do the packages have "setup scripts" ?
Some have postinstall, preremove, etc. scripts.  See /etc/postinstall,


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