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adding to and upgrading a cygwin installation...

Can anyone point me to any good information about "adding to" and 
upgrading a cygwin installation ?

The reason I ask is, whenever I try and use setup.exe it goes through
the entire setup process from scratch.

So, for example, if I want to simply add the vi editor, it comes up
with all of the "defaults" selected, and I pick vi, and then
setup proceeds to uninstall some of my stuff (which I had explicitly
installed before, and install extra stuff, etc...).

I can't imagine I'm doing this right, and figure I must be "setup.exe
impaired" or something, so if anyone could give me a pointer on how to
do this...

Also, is there any easy way to essentially just "upgrade" all of your
currently installed cygwin packages ?
Something kind of like debians "apt-get upgrade" ?

Finally, can you essentially just unzip a package at the base of the
cygwin tree to install it ?
Do the packages have "setup scripts" ?


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