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[1.5.5] perl stuff building

using perl with cygwin is a must for me in a way it allow testing for
platforms dep's, but it become a real pain when there is major upgrades.
while upgrading from perl-5.8.0 to 5.8.2 I've lost Tk and mod_perl
just that :-(
so there is questions that comes up now for what to do from now and then,
that would helps (me at least) to avoid such functionality losing.

Is there downgrade possibility ? (I have no backup off perl-5.8.0 package
and can't find it on the net) I could rebuild it but that's too long job :-\
... we can stand as a guideline
    *do not upgrade until you have backup*
    ... that seems obvious but ... hey ! I know, mea culpa.

Do I have links thats help to rebuild these packages ? it was a real pain to
get them to works at first. (too many possibility for me) and diging the
cygwin ML become a full time job.
Finally do we have the ability to know if Tk or mod_perl are able to build
on next dist.packages of perl/cygwin. (like CPAN/TEST or so). may be some
specific version of apache, or some libs required ...
could I know _before_ installing what are the setting used to build some
perl -V report different setting from 5.8.0 to 5.8.2. it could help to know
(and nice to chose) if there is support for threads, binary compat and so on

Cygwin port's are essential for complete range of test, so I'll find a way
out, but it would be smart to upgrade everything at once, and have resource
to talk about these specific problems. So as a starting point to help the
perl/cygwin community _if the is some_ we could start the perl/cygwin
mailing list. (or is there already one ???) in which everyone could provide
feedback to porters or modules author, cause I thing there is a lot of
perl/related things that do not fit well with this [high volume] specific


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