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Re: Windows 2003 Server & Cygwin Cron

I absolutely agree, Corinna. The correct fix is to use the
administrators group. I was provided with a crontab that sets the group
ownership to administrators, rather than SYSTEM, and it is fine.


> Quoting crontab.c from the cron-3.0.1-11 sources:
> /* Cygwin can't support changing the owner since that requires crontab
>    be a s-uid application which is not supported.
>    As workaround we try to set group membership to be SYSTEM (==
>    and setting permissions to 640 which should allow cron to work. */
> So, Cygwin basically assumes that the user that cron runs under will
be in
> the SYSTEM group, and tries to change the mode of the tab file so that
> cron can access it.  Unfortunately, that's not true for the directions
> that Corinna gave for Win2003, since the cron_server user is not in
> SYSTEM group.  One solution is to assume the invariant that cron
> runs as a user in the SYSTEM group, but, AFAICS, there is no way to
add a
> user to the SYSTEM group.  Another solution is to select another group
> make that invariant (and add the cron_server user to it), which will
> require changing the cron sources.
> Corinna, any comments?

No, except that there's no SYSTEM group and using SYSTEM as a group
is some sort of a Cygwin hack.  Using administrators as group is
actually better.  Will change at one point in future.


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