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Re: permission denied for Remsh on Windows 2000 Server

El Wed, 17 Dec 2003 17:51:07 +0530, Amit RATHEE escribià en el mensaje <000001c3c498$654994e0$>:

El Wed, 17 Dec 2003 16:44:34 +0530, Amit RATHEE escribià en el mensaje


I have a domain with many users and I try to enumerate the userid .It
out to be 193456 by cygwin.Now I delete the entries from passwd file and
make the UID very short i.e. 19 and when I log in as user it shows me the

Everything works well if I do the same above activities with the uid
less than the 65356 no. generated by cygwin.

SO you suggest me what to do?


I'm afraid you can't use easily the UID generated to your account by the SMB network domain controller, because it is too high. Traditionally Unix has that 16-bit limitation in the number of different users allowed in a system. As far as I know, only newer Unix-like (but not Unix) OSs have higher limits on UID numbers (Linux, QNX and such-like).

This is what I'd do assuming you have a machine-wide cygwin installation (not tested, no warranties this would work, you are welcome to be a willing guinea pig :-):

Create a local user in your box, not registered with the Domain Controler, that is, you login locally, no roaming profile, no network authorization.

Login to that account, open your cygwin shell to create the new home directory, log out. Login to your default account and edit /etc/passwd, change the home directory of the new account to the one of your real account. Close the shell. From the Windows Explorer, select the directory of your prefered account and assign shared ownership to the local account recursively. And, you may need to change access control from ntsec to ntea or not at all, and remove some custom ownership properties in the directories you want to access as well as playing a bit with chmod, see /usr/share/doc/cygwin-doc-1.3/html/cyg-ug-net/using-cygwinenv.html and filemodes.html for an explanation.



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