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Re: permission denied for Remsh on Windows 2000 Server

El Wed, 17 Dec 2003 16:44:34 +0530, Amit RATHEE escribià en el mensaje <000001c3c48e$f88dd270$>:


I have a domain with many users and I try to enumerate the userid .It comes
out to be 193456 by cygwin.Now I delete the entries from passwd file and
make the UID very short i.e. 19 and when I log in as user it shows me the
         Holy Mother of the Deity!

    Phew! That was close!

Everything works well if I do the same above activities with the uid less
than the 65356 no. generated by cygwin.

If you read the contents of /etc/passwd, you'll notice that cygwin uses the UID numbers generated by Windows, you just can't go about putting in anything you like there. On the other hand 19 is a system reserved UID, both in Windows *and* Unix; you may use it but you will be opening a security hole big enough to drive the Titanic through your system without knocking an iceberg.





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