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RSA Authentication with CVSNT

I am wondering if the problem in the following thread was ever resolved:

To sum up the problem in as few words as possible:
A CVSNT server running on windows using RSA authentication via Cygwin's OpenSSH server produces the following log entries when a checkin is made:
date 2001.; author SYSTEM; state Exp;
instead of
date 2001.; author cvsuser; state Exp;

If password authentication is used, this problem doesn't show up. I'm also under the understanding that VanDyke's SSH server does not have this problem, but it is a costly solution.

According to the thread (back in December of 2001), it looks like Corinna had put some effort into trying to resolve this. Did anything ever come of this? I would appreciate any info on this subject, as I am interested in using this authentication method for CVSNT.


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