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Re: vtable issue with cygwin [Was: Re: vtable with snapshot >=20031123]

Hi Christopher,

> >I ran into a problem with gcc 3.3.1, cygwin snapshots>=20031123 (at
> >least, probably also earlier versions).

> Like 1.5.5, for instance.  This isn't specifically a cygwin snapshot
> issue.

Okay, thanks for finding that out. Can I take this as an ack that it's a cygwin issue?

Where do we go from here? I'm willing to help, but I need a pointer.

> 1) There was no cygwin 1.4*.
> 2) gcc 3.3.1 was released after cygwin 1.5.x.

Right. Okay. Fine. So I remember wrong. Sorry about that. I'm already on the waiting list for a new memory implant.

[ To prevent us from getting annoyed here because we're not matching our expectations: I guess what I anticipated as an answer was "it's a cygwin issue, we'll let you know when we found the reason", or "might be a cygwin one, look into <some source pointer> and see whether you can find out what's going on", or rtfm / wrong list / any other means of education ]

Thanks for looking into this, Christopher!


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