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Re: CreateFileMapping, create global objects, and multiple users

At 11:33 AM 12/15/2003 -0800, Benn Schreiber wrote:
>I'm running Win2003 server and found an interesting anomaly with the 'create
>global objects' right workaround. I have it enabled for administrator
>(obviously), and my account. When I am logged into both admin and my
>account, and both create rxvt windows, the first one created gets hung,

When? Does it depend of the order? Are you in the administrators group?
Do you both login over terminal services or is one of you at the console?
> and doing anything to it results in the window disappearing.

So it's not really hung... What do you mean exactly?
>Is there a naming conflict or something, such that there can only be one
>Cygwin user on a Win2003 server?

Obviously there is "something", but it shouldn't be there.
There have been lots of changes to that part of Cygwin.
Could you try with a recent snapshot and report again?


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