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[Slightly OT] Re: Cygwin crashed by emacs???

Steven J. Zeil wrote:

I've tried to modify the function in files.el to expand the list of
illegal characters. Unfortunately, files.el is one of the
"pre-compiled" Lisp files - the only way to change it is, AFAIK, to
recompile emacs.

Not true. There are several ways you can deal with this:

* Load your modified file explicitly in your .emacs. This will override the built-in copy. You can even byte-compile the modified copy and load *that* instead.
* You can even just redefine "file-truecopy()" in your .emacs to override the built-in definition of that one function (this is a giant hairball of a function, though, so this may not be good in the long run).

If you're doing the fix, instead of just hacking the list of illegal characters embedded in the body of the function, it would be nice to break out the list regular expression into a defvar outside the body, so that it can be setq'ed by anyone wanting to twiddle the chars. Better still, make it a configurable variable using defcustom..

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