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Re: Symbolic Links

Part of the reason I am interested in this, I guess I forgot to say is to be
able to have both Windows and Cygwin recognize the links. If I use the
windows shortcut creation, cygwin doesn't recognize it. If I use the cygwin
thing below, excel doesn't recognize it, but windows does.


"Dan Adams" <> wrote in message
> Hi, I have been using the symbolic links feature of cygwin to link from
> folder to another in my system. I know that is not a big beneficial use of
> cygwin, but it is one that adds to the benefit of cygwin. I also use
> for other stuff.
> I was wondering, does anyone know is something specific is needed to be
> to link from one folder to another, for example I am linking from C:\My
> Documents to D:\Finance in a link file called other. Honestly this works
> the file manager part of windows explorer, one desire I have ot this would
> be to be able to use this in Microsoft Excel by clicking on the "My
> Documents" link on the left side and then by opening the folder called
> "other" in the file list. The only problem with this is that by using the
> command "ln -s "D:\Finance" other" does not actually let the folder show
> in excel. Is this possible, or is this maybe a future feature that will be
> implemented? If it is in the feature, I know I would appreciate the
> Dan Adams -

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