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Symbolic Links

Hi, I have been using the symbolic links feature of cygwin to link from one
folder to another in my system. I know that is not a big beneficial use of
cygwin, but it is one that adds to the benefit of cygwin. I also use cygwin
for other stuff.

I was wondering, does anyone know is something specific is needed to be able
to link from one folder to another, for example I am linking from C:\My
Documents to D:\Finance in a link file called other. Honestly this works in
the file manager part of windows explorer, one desire I have ot this would
be to be able to use this in Microsoft Excel by clicking on the "My
Documents" link on the left side and then by opening the folder called
"other" in the file list. The only problem with this is that by using the
command "ln -s "D:\Finance" other" does not actually let the folder show up
in excel. Is this possible, or is this maybe a future feature that will be
implemented? If it is in the feature, I know I would appreciate the ability.

Dan Adams -

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