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Re: Fixing Home and Passwd

On Sun, 14 Dec 2003, Joaquin wrote:

> Hi,
> After figuring out why my WinXP Pro install blows up mysteriously, I was
> thinking of creating some scripts to patch the scenario when accounts
> have spaces in them.
> I was going to make fixpasswd and fixhome scripts, which essentially
> take the first character and munge it with the first 7 chars of the
> preceeding name, and lower case it all.  Thus, "Howard Johnson" would
> become "hjohnson".
> I am wondering though, what else needs to be fixed up?
>  - Joaquin

Why not simply replace all spaces in the username and the home directory
with underscores?  Beware that HOME may be set to "Documents and
Settings/User name"...
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