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RE: Third-party products that include Cygwin

Hi.  In Outlook XP at least, I just select "Reply To All" and it gets
the cygwin list, and I also use the "Reply" to direct correspondence.
Seems to work ok.

As for the business requires Outlook.  Yeah I know.  I did consulting
for one shop, and I was terrified, especially with all the viruses at
the time.  The director there had so many spams.  I tried to get them to
use Mozilla, and they employees there loved it.  But the main IT HQ made
a big fuss about using "non-approved software", which includes
alternatives to M$ software.  Sometimes I think that certification also
means mindlessness...

> I guess I could also suffer from this as I currently work at
> a client that seems pretty intent on enforcing the use of
> Outlook (not sure why but
> whatever).  Since clients come and go, I wouldn't want to
> use'em for my access to this list anyway so I simply keep my
> home machine up all the
> time and ssh/VNC to it.  From this, I can use my work and/or
> personal email accounts and the tools that work for me best.
> Perhaps that's another option for you.  Otherwise, you're
> stuck at the mercy of Outlook and the charity of those on
> this list that might remember what your preferences are.
> I've done so this time.  Can't say that I'll remember to do
> so next time. :-(

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