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RE: Third-party products that include Cygwin

> From: Larry Hall
> Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2003 7:23 PM

> At 05:24 PM 12/13/2003, Hannu E K Nevalainen you wrote:
> >> From: Larry Hall
> >> Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2003 8:21 PM
> >
> >
> >** on a mailing list; please keep replies on that particular list **

> I'm a little confused by the intent of your "note" above.  If this is
> directed at me, I replied to your message the way I always reply, with
> "reply all".  That goes to the list.  It also goes to you directly, since
> you don't set your reply-to header.  If you prefer to get just one copy
> of any reply (i.e. the one that goes to the list), set your reply-to
> header to point to the list.  My email client will obey your stated
> preference automatically.  Of course, if you were directing this comment
> at someone else, then you can ignore the above.

 The problem is that I do not have the option to set the reply-to header.
I'm lost in the wasteland of MS software; i.e. I'm running "Outlook 2000"
and have no other viable options. Asking support personell on the matter
gives nothing (they know less than I do), scouring the helpfiles and
documents that I have available gives nothing.
The above request is all I can do.

 Time permitting I hope to set up a more useful environment (cygwin or
linux, local fetchmail). Though: Time has become a scarce resource now :-P.

> >> I think both Chris, Rob, and others have pointed out gap in your setup
> >> knowledge here.  'Nuff said.
> >
> > Thanks for not pushing it, this seems to be yet another time when I'm
> >wrong - at least to some extent.
> Well, no one knows everything. :-)

 I've also noted: The more you learn, the more you know that you don't know.
(Is that correct/good English? Feels bad to me in some way).

> > Might I ask where this functionality of setup is documented?
> >Not /u/s/d/cygwin-doc-1.3/html/cygwin-ug-net/setup-net.html as it seems.
> >
> >And please:
> > source is *not* documentation, independently of how readable it is.
> Sorry, no.  Not every piece of functionality is documented for Cygwin and
> its setup program.  It has been discussed many times on the cygwin-apps
> list.  Here's one message that lists out at least some command
> line options:
> <>
> So the email archives is the only place I know of that has this
> information at this point,

 All right, that explains my ignorance. I read this list only, nothing else
WRT cygwin (except docs).

> unless someone wants to look at the source (which you stated you did not).

 I have no problem reading source, but using it as *user* documentation
is "a long shot" IMO.
 I consider myself a very knowledgable computer user and programmer (under
the right conditions), but a newbie user in the cygwin/POSIX world.

> If you're interested,
> I'm sure Rob, Max, and  others actively involved in the
> development of setup would consider any patch you
> might want to generate that moves this documentation into a more
> obvious/official spot.

 =-) well, I should have expected that...
That's a long version of "PTC" ;-D

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, B.Sc. EE - 59+16.37'N, 17+12.60'E

** on a mailing list; please keep replies on that particular list **

-- printf("LocalTime: UTC+%02d\n",(DST)? 2:1); --

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