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Re: cross-compiler problems on win98

At 10:00 AM 12/14/2003, roland you wrote:
>hi !
>i have a strange problem and perhaps anbody can give me a hint, how to analyze this further:
>i run cygwin on my windows XP machine and built gcc&binutils from sources to make a hitachi sh1 crosscompile environment. after
>setup, it works flawlessly - i can compile all my stuff and the resulting binary runs on sh1 platform.
>if i copy this environment to another "nt-based" os (i.e. NT/2000/XP) by tarring/untarring and copying the registry settings, all

This is at least not recommended and certainly highly discouraged.  Cygwin's
use of the registry is an implementation detail and could (read as "will")
change at any moment.  But, since you're doing a non-standard installation,
you must have accepted that you're "living on the edge".  Problems resulting
from that are, of course, your own.

>works fine, too. it also usually WORKED fine, when doing the same somewhat "illegal transfer" to win95/98 machines.
>now i switched to the latest cygwin (1.5.5-1) environemnt and wanted to "go" as usual.
>On nt-based OS it works as expected - but on Win98 i get strange errors and the compile fails (see at the bottom of this mail)
>IMHO, this must be a cygwin or "cygwin-setup" issue and not a problem with the source, because it compiles fine on my XP box and it
>was working (after "transfer" to `98) without problems on an older cygwin release.
>can someone point me to the differences between running cygwin on "NT-based, i.e. NT/2000/XP" OS or "DOS-based, i.e. 95/98)
>is there a difference in setup now (i.e. win9x specific files in cygwin) ?

1.5.x apps use 64-bit I/O by default.  That's the major change.

>i thought, cygwin binary stuff is "win32 generic" - but maybe there are "magical windows xp internals" compiled into my
>sh1-elf-gcc.exe which makes it fail on 95/98 ?

No, there will be no non-9x/Me calls made for 9x/Me.

>do i need to build gcc/binutils from sources on win95/98 machine ?

You may need a debugging environment, though you could try strace and 
look to see if its output helps you.


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