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RE: Setup Failures on XP

> From: Joaquin
> Does anyone know the cygwin start up process.  I am trying to see if I
> can somehow get it to work. I have a broken installation, and I don't
> know what to do.
> Windoze created accounts with a space in it (not really my choice), so I
> wonder if this install is messed up due to the infamous space in my name
> (, and I am trying to fix the
> situation under WinXP Pro.
> Currently, when I run Cygwin, my default starting point is /bin
> (D:\cygwin\bin), and the command cat does not seem to work. :'-(
> I checked in my /etc, and I cannot seem to find any profile files, nor a
> passwd file, nor many of the other files like bash.bashrc or
> profile.default.  I did seem to find a /etc/defaults/etc/profile in
> here.
> How do I see where the setup failed?  Is there a way I can fix this? :'\

It looks/sounds like it failed somewhere when doing the /etc/postinstall
scripts.  Try manually running the ones that don't end in .done (and
send a list of which they were here :)

There currently appears to be a problem with running uname under XP.


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