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Recent rash of 'missing cygintl-2.dll' messages

I have a fairly complete cygwin installation, so I ran a check of all packages which contain exe's or dll's which depend on cygintl-2.dll. Then, I checked the setup.hints of those packages. The following packages should require: libintl2, but do not:


I may have missed some -- but not many. However, fileutils is in the 'Base' configuration, and it (should specify, and does specify) requires: libintl2. So, IF setup.exe is working correctly, it should

1) install all packages in Base, and their dependencies
2) Because libintl2 is a dependency of (at least) one package in Base, all cygwin installations should get it automatically, even tho libintl2 is not, itself, in the Base category.

But, people are definitely installing cygwin and NOT getting libintl2. I think this points to a setup bug. Or can somebody point out the flaw in my logic?


P.S. vim, make and rpm maintainers, update your setup.hint files...

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