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Re: Cygwin - Locale Support

>On Thu, 11 Dec 2003, Baldev Soor wrote:

>> I am new to Cygwin and while browsing some of the mailing lists I came
>> across your name.

>That's great, but please refrain from sending personal mail to Cygwin
>developers and users unless specifically requested.  The policy of the
>Cygwin community is that all Cygwin-related questions should go to the
>main Cygwin mailing list, which can provide much more expertise than any
>one person separately.  For your convenience, I've set the "Reply-To:"

Oops! Sorry.

>> Perhaps you can help me:
>> 1. In Unix, I can issue the command "locale" and get indication of what
>> and LC_ALL are set to.  Is this support in Cygwin?

>A search for "bin/locale" on <> returns no
>results, which leads me to believe that the "locale" command is not
>present in Cygwin.


>> 2. In Unix, I can issue "export LANG=en_US " to change the locale
>> Is this supported in Cygwin?
>> Any help is appreciated.
>> Regards,
>> Baldev.

>The man page for "setlocale" states that the current implementation is
>minimal and doesn't support any locale values except 'C'.

Does this mean that if I have Win2k set up for German, and telnet into that
machine using Cygwin and I issue LANG=en_US, the Win2K will change to using
the default 'C' locale?

>However, the gettext package does provide this functionality.  So, the
>answer is, if the application uses gettext, it will be sensitive to the
>LC_* settings.  To find out which applications in your installation use
>gettext for messages, run

>find /usr/share/locale -name \*.mo | sed 's,.*/LC_MESSAGES/,,' | sort -u

>To find out which locale values a particular application supports, first
>find out which package the application belongs to by running

>cygcheck -f /bin/app    # e.g., cygcheck -f /bin/diff

>and then run the following, replacing PKGNAME by the name of the package
>from the above command

>echo `find /usr/share/locale -name | sed -e
's,^/usr/share/locale/,,' -e 's,/LC_MESSAGES/.*,,'`

>Hopefully, Chuck Wilson (the gettext maintainer) will correct me if I'm
>wrong.  HTH,
>            Igor

Thanks. Baldev.
      |\      _,,,---,,_               
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to the bathroom is a major career booster."  -- Patrick Naughton

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