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Re: Setup hangs in postinstall

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
Cygwin setup will sometimes defer replacing in-use files until the next
reboot.  If setup asked you to reboot after upgrading Cygwin last time,
that means it had some files scheduled for replacement, while you were
still running with the old versions of the DLLs.  Rebooting may fix the
problem for your client machine as well.  The same, obviously, applies to

No, that's not it. At least for me. I've been experiencing these problems for at least one month, I've rebooted many times since then, if only to try different versions of Cygwin, including cvs pulled ones.

On another topic, I've let my script run under strace overnight, and after more than 1 million iterations (and 60+ GB of logs), it still hadn't crashed/hung. Sorry.

From Michael's strace, it looks like he's running into a problem similar to mine (see my gdb traces) : when it hangs, the child is closing the reading end of a pipe while the parent is reading from a pipe (the same one ?).

Michael: can you confirm you have a similar trace from gdb ? That is :
* on the parent
- 2 threads in ReadFile
- 2 threads in WaitForMultipleObjects
- 1 thread in DbgUiConnectToDbg
* on the child
- 1 thread in CloseHandle
- 1 thread in ReadFile
- 1 thread in DbgUiConnectToDbg


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