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Re: apologies

On Thu, 11 Dec 2003 djekels<at> wrote:

> Igor,
> I found your email details in some of the replies to cygwin problems. I
> tried sending email to the distribution list but to no avail.


All cygwin-related e-mails should go to the main Cygwin list, where you'll
have access to the expertise of many people, instead of just one.  If you
are having trouble sending e-mails to the Cygwin list, perhaps
<> or
<> will be of help.  You could
also use a news client to post to the 'gmane.os.cygwin' newsgroup on

I'm assuming you wanted the e-mail and the reply to go to the Cygwin
mailing list, so I've taken the liberty of sending the reply there.  I've
also set the 'Reply-To:' to the list -- hopefully the above links will
help you send your questions directly there.

> I sincerely apologize for intruding in your privacy, but can you please
> help with the chmod problem I have.
> I am totally googled out and cannot get the thing to work for me.
> Kind regards
> Donny
> 617 376-7334

Thanks for including the output of "cygcheck -svr" -- not many people
actually bother to read <>.  I'm including
it in my reply so that others on the list have access to it.  However, it
would help immensely if you actually stated your chmod problem.
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