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Re: Setup hangs in postinstall

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
On Thu, 11 Dec 2003, Michael Robbert wrote:

P.S. I probably shouldn't mention this, but I had the strangest thing
happen to me yesterday. One of the machines that was having this
problem, my laptop, stopped having it all of a sudden. This machine is
dual boot and when I booted to XP to get this trace I found that it
would no longer hang, even when running Antoine's loop. This trace is
from my client's machine which is still having the problem. I'm pretty
sure that I didn't do any kind of updates that would make this change

Cygwin setup will sometimes defer replacing in-use files until the next
reboot.  If setup asked you to reboot after upgrading Cygwin last time,
that means it had some files scheduled for replacement, while you were
still running with the old versions of the DLLs.  Rebooting may fix the
problem for your client machine as well.  The same, obviously, applies to
Sorry, That's not it. Setup didn't ever ask me to reboot as far as I can recall, but there had been other reboots between the install and other failed tests. I did reboot the client's machine as well, a few times, and the problem is still there.

Michael "Murph" Robbert
System Administrator for Math/CS
Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO  80401-1887
Office: GC249
Office phone: 303-273-3786
Pager: 303-461-6543

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