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Re: Setup hangs in postinstall

At 12:36 PM 12/11/2003, Michael Robbert you wrote:
>Quoting Igor Pechtchanski <>:
>> BTW, if you don't escape the backticks ("`"s), they will be evaluated in
>> the *current* shell.  You should try to run
>> strace sh -c 'TEST=`uname -s`'
>> (note the single quotes).  You can see the difference by comparing the
>> output of "sh -cx TEST=`uname -s`" and "sh -cx 'TEST=`uname -s`'".
>>   Igor
>Thanks Igor! That is what I needed. I am attaching the strace output from the
>command above. I am also able to get all the same output from gdb that Antoine
>posted before. If you'd like me to get that for a debug version I can do that.
>P.S. I probably shouldn't mention this, but I had the strangest thing happen to
>me yesterday. One of the machines that was having this problem, my laptop,
>stopped having it all of a sudden. This machine is dual boot and when I booted
>to XP to get this trace I found that it would no longer hang, even when running
>Antoine's loop. This trace is from my client's machine which is still having the
>problem. I'm pretty sure that I didn't do any kind of updates that would make
>this change happen.

Michael, you shouldn't include people's email addresses in the body of 
your replies.  This just adds fodder to the archives for spam harvesters.
Also, Igor sets his reply-to header.  So your mailer should be sending to
the list only.

Sounds like rebooting made the problem go away, no?

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