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[ANNOUNCEMENT] CMake-1.8.2-1

CMake 1.8.2-1 is now available on Cygwin mirrors.

This is a minor release from 1.8.1 to 1.8.2.

Changes from 1.8.1 to 1.8.2:

There has been a new release of the official cmake (1.8.2).
This is a major release from 1.8.1 to 1.8.2.

Changes from 1.8.1 to 1.8.2

Bug #78 - static multithreaded libc on MSVC 7.0
Bug #163 - TRY_COMPILE does not document OUTPUT_VARIABLE
Bug #168 - bootstrap uses C++ compiler to build .c files
Bug #181 - /tmp_mnt still in cache
Bug #185 - CTest exceptions output is missing new line
Bug #186 - QT_WRAP_UI uses the path twice
Bug #191 - CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS not used for WIN32_EXECUTABLE targets in VS 7
Bug #193 - CMAKE_IMPORT_BUILD_SETTINGS too case sensitive
Bug #199 - duplicate targets for ctest submit stuff
Bug #200 - Resource Compiler Flags working under .NET?
Bug #201 - Need to supress dependency warnings
Bug #259 - CMake does not quote correctly in DartTestfile.txt
Bug #262 - In FindLatex.cmake, DVIPDF is not marked as advanced
Bug #263 - CMAKE_AR and CMAKE_RANLIB find problem
Bug #266 - FindPythonLibs won't work on cygwin
Bug #269 - On Visual Studio .NET 2003 when using nmake there is a warning about 
Bug #276 - Spaces in path problem for CMakeTestGNU.c
Bug #277 - Darwin.cmake adds incorrect flags -flat_namespace -undefined suppress
Bug #278 - Ctest does not handle new lines properly on cygwin
Bug #281 - Modules : the way Java tools are picked on Win32
Bug #299 - Fix to FindGTK.cmake
Bug #303 - makeflags not passed to sub makes nmake and Borland
Bug #310 - CTest sends wrong time to cvs on Windows
Bug #311 - cmake -E chdir does not handle spaces in path
Bug #313 - Error for no CMakeLists.txt file should give path
Bug #316 - /debug is added to visual studio 6 win32 exe applications
Bug #317 - /debug not added with nmake and modules
Bug #318 - Dependencies built N times for N headers changed.
Bug #319 - Change in QT_WRAP_CPP's behaviour
Bug #320 - When st_size in stat is 64 bit ctest does not submit
Bug #321 - ADD_CUSTOM_TARGET needs command when doing depends
Bug #322 - FindTclsh.cmake and FindWish.cmake do not use registry
Bug #323 - ctest does not work with vs 7 output
Bug #346 - borland does not support - in the path
Bug #363 - .idl files use the wrong tool if they have COMPILE_FLAGS
Bug #393 - VS 7 Generator does not XML escape additional compile flags
Bug #314 - Add support for debug postfix in Makefile and Visual Studio 6
Bug #344 - ctest -C Debug
Bug #371 - Add build configuration for try compiles using cmake variable
Bug #373 - make depend fails if a directory is the name of a file
Bug #374 - TestForANSIForScope and TestForSTDNamespace have no OUTPUT_VARIABLE
Bug #383 - gcc.cmake not always used on all unix platforms

See for more information.

Bill Hoffman 
Cygwin CMake maintainer 

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