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Re: problem with dll and stdout

> This is a confusing and contradictory jumble.  I suggest you try again
> with more detail.
> On Tue, 9 Dec 2003, Jaroslaw Pawlak wrote:
> > Hello! the problem is i'm not using all gcc but only ld and ld does 
> > understands the -mno-cygwin switch.
> >
> It doesn't need to.
> If you are only using ld, then just don't link with cygwin1.dll or any
> DLL's that depend on it.  That is what the -mno-cygwin switch would do.
Yes, but when i do that i see several error messges that something is 
missing, and i always get back to command with this dll... i'll try more

> > Also i have to mix this cygwin dll with my VC program so this isn't
> > good solution for me.  If you say that this option -mno-cygwin would
> > help then please tell me something more about gcc.
> >
> So, you must be using Cygwin's gcc in regular Cygwin mode, and 
> would not be an option.  In that case, I think you are out of luck.
nonono, "cygwin dll" is not cygwin1.dll but dll that was compiled with 
cygwin :-) sorry for not to precise speech.

> I have "heard" there are complex work arounds for this, but they are not
> 100% successful.  I don't know what they are, so plan to spend a lot of
> time googling, head bashing, and examining your "inner self" if you
> take this route. :)
> > I have changed ld becouse it had this 0 bit reloc bug, but when i
> > tried to make my dll with gcc (i already got the *.obj so i used gcc 
> > for its -mno-cygwin switch) then i run into 0 bit reloc again.
> >
> Lobby the Cygwin binutils maintainer for an update, or make sure you 
> replaced the ld gcc is using.  Look at the output of "gcc --verbose" to
> see which one that is.
i'll do that...
> > How to recompile the gcc alone?
> >
> You shouldn't need to if you do the above.
> > becouse binutils after compilation didn't left any gcc.exe.
> >
> It wouldn't.  gcc and binutils are separate software packages.

Thank you for info. 


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