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nfsd - curious problem

I have the latest nfsd, portmapd and mountd (running as services) and I
have them working, mounting things from various UNIX boxes etc. However,
when I try to share and mount a CD from my PC on a remote UNIX box (one
of the most useful reasons to have NFSd running on a local PC ...), I
almsot invariably get "Stale NFS file handle": Here are the specifcs:

I have mounted the CD on /d:

d: on /exports/d type system (binmode)

I have exported this:

/exports/d      (ro,all_squash)

On the remote UNIX machines, I can mount / and then cd to /exports/d and
look around without any problems whatsoever. But if I try to mount
/exports/d directly:

mount -F nfs -o ro /tmp/REMCD
mount: on /tmp/REMCD : Stale NFS file handle

If I mount /:

mount -F nfs -o ro /tmp/REMCD

No problem, for example. Now, in /var/adm/nfsd.log, when I try to mount
/exports/d (the CD drive), I get:

nfsd[3060] 12/09/103 14:56 fh.c 629 : Cannot stat /exports/lib

How strange! I tried making /exports/lib a symlink to /usr/lib, out of
interest. Then, I got:

nfsd[3060] 12/09/103 15:02 fh.c 629 : Cannot stat /exports/sbin

So, I added a symlink to /sbin to /exports too and then:

nfsd[3060] 12/09/103 15:19 fh.c 629 : Cannot stat /exports/tmp

and so on up to /var - same Stale handel error. After adding /var, no
more errors in /var/adm/nfsd.log but still Stale NFS handle errors on
mounting the CD drive share sirectly. No errors mounting anything else.

This is very odd. Any ideas?



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