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Re: Problem with pthreads and signaling, behavior broken...


I've tried the latest snapshot 8th of december, that doesn't seem to show
the handel issue arash was talking about (which i think chris fixed),
however the signal problem with SIGINT is there. The behavior i see is as
follows, after the 1st 700 threads have been created, i press ctrl+c
instantly a line of text shows saying "Processing shutdown procedure...",
after this the threads keep on being created and after a while everything
seems to slow down, and what i mean by this is that threads are still being
completed but the output to the screen seems to be very slow. i use the
normal taskmanager that comes with windows, and there it shows the CPU
usage to be 100%., i find that the SIGINT problem doesn't occur when you
have only created and completed about 1500 threads, after about 2000, you
can see this behavior of the signal not being processed properly.

arash can you verify if this is the same behavior you see too ?
also have you tried this test case on solaris systems if so does it
give the same behavior as the BSDs you've test it on ?

I've tested with the dll from the 19th of november and the test seems to
work fine.


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