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Re: Invalid program file name, pif file

At 07:54 PM 12/6/2003, you wrote:
>I recently got Cygwin working (Rather then download, then install, I 
>installed from internet) And after I installed it, I tried running Cygwin.pif and got 
>this error:
>Invalid program file name, please check your pif file. Choose "close' to 
>terminate the application.
>I look at the pif file, and noticed it was pointing to the wrong directory 
>where was (C:\WINDOWS\ and changed that to where it was. 
>(C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ and when I then tried to run it, I got this 
>error in the DOS window:
>Bad command or file name
>How would I fix this? I have been searching the archives, but found nothing 
>so far. I am still searching now. Also, I am using Windows XP.

Why use on XP?  Where did you find cygwin.pif?

I think you need to visit <>.  So far, none
of what you said makes sense.

Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746                     

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