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Re: Setup hangs in postinstall

Michael Robbert wrote:
Thanks for your quick response, but we have done multiple searches on google and the list archives. I read every post that I could find about the problems in October where setup was hanging during postinstall. That is where I got many of my ideas for debugging already i.e. gdb, strace, sh -x
The message that you point my to is about an update to bash, I checked my version of bash and it is already 2.05b-16. That is what is installed by default with the current installer. So, I'm sorry that doesn't lead to a solution.

Brian Ford wrote:

On Fri, 5 Dec 2003, Michael Robbert wrote:

A co-worker and I are trying to debug a problem that we came across
while trying to do a new install of Cygwin on a clients computer. We
have the current version of Setup.exe(2.416) and we have tried to
install from a couple of mirrors, but even when doing just a base
install the process hangs on two postinstall scripts. and
If you hit cancel in setup you end up with a partially working system. I
have been able to open a bash shell and kill those processes and the
rest of the scripts run fine. I then try to run the scripts manually and
they still hang. I have run them with sh -x to see where they're getting
stuck and I have found that it is any time they try to assign a variable
to the output of a command i.e.: OSNAME="`/bin/uname -s`"
I can reproduce the problem with just that line on from a bash or sh
shell prompt. I have also tried to strace this command, but I get no
output at all. Setting variables to a simple string works fine.

What is interesting is that the problem happens on both my laptop and
the clients workstation, but not my co-workers laptop. They are all
running XP SP1. I also can not reproduce the problem on another laptop
that is running Windows 2000 SP4. There are a few less minor patches on
my co-workers laptop, but that is the only difference that we can think
of. What else can we look at to find out why this problem is happening
on two computers, but not others?

Maybe the mailing list archives or google?

Let us know if this does not lead you to the solution.

How about that one :
I'm having similar problems (random hangs with bash on command substitution under cygwin), still unresolved.


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