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RE: Where are mount points stored?

Ok, so (1) is curiousity.  As for (2), why not simply run "mount" instead
of the reg query?  It will give you the same exact information.

On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, Joaquin wrote:

> No.  For one (1) I don't want to be ignorant and want to learn how
> things work.  Secondly (2) this helps me find diagnose and isolate
> problems.  I found weird behavior with Japanese Windows XP Home, where a
> mount point is being auto-created.  This would help me diagnose exactly
> when this is happening.  I could do a reg query between operations.
>   - Joaquin
> > The main question is (seriously): why do you care?  If it's simply to
> > satisfy your curiousity, the mounts are stored (for the moment) in
> > registry keys, as you could have found out by reading the Cygwin
> > sources (namely winsup/cygwin/  However, when people find
> > this out they usually start wanting to go into the registry and change
> > the mounts there, and that's unacceptable[*].  So, here's a big
> > DISCLAIMER: do not attempt to change the mounts via regedit or other
> > registry editing software. Always use "mount" to change your mounts.
> > That way, you won't be blindsided when mounts do move to /etc/fstab or
> > something.
> >       Igor
> > [*] The only legitimate use of the registry mount knowledge
> > that I can think of is checking whether there are user mounts
> > for the SYSTEM user (there shouldn't be).

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