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Re: cygwin port of Perl broken on Win32? Or does cygwin not run on win32?

On Fri, Dec 05, 2003 at 12:06:34AM -0800, linda w wrote:
>I've always wanted to put cygwin tools *first* in my path before win32
>tools since in some cases, there are hidden win32 tools that obscure
>well known *nix tools, like 'find' (being a primitive file string
>Do you actually install both Perl installs?  I'm still running on a
>laptop for my main desktop...not having the best of luck these days
>since Dell decided to go middle-ware-only dealer and not go for cutting
>edge HW in business capable computers (they have their consumer line of
>Wide-screen laptops, incompatible with most monitors, making them
>unsuitable for business, but make their business sized laptops
>incompatible with any docking station -- also incompatible with
>business usage -- forcing you to use lattitudes where you pay $1000
>more for less features.
>Marketing poopoo all over customers -- like their customer support --
>business customers will get support personel who can speak english, but
>home customers still get sexist thick accent Indians who only know how
>to read a script and "act" real polite (it's the left over Britsh
>influence) while telling you to * off.  It took me 10 months to solve
>what should have been a simple 3 week problem because they don't talk
>to each other on each side of the ocean and the Indian side has no
>authority to do anything, but the american side that has authority
>won't talk with customers, so you go around in circles for 10 months to
>fix screwed up orders that used to be fixable in 3 weeks.
>It's an attempt to tire out the customer because Indians can talk on
>the phone for hours without really saying or accomplishing anything and
>get paid, per year about the cost of 2-3 machines, so it's very cost
>effective to route customer problem calls to India where all but the
>most diehard customers will just give up.  It was only the possibility
>of losing large business customers that got them special treatment and
>the ability to contact US support centers (which they'll have to
>restaff, most likely with ex employees hired back as contractors so
>Dell won't have to pay benefits.  I hear they took business management
>courses from Microsoft on how to \detain\ the best without really
>paying for them.

Ok.  This is your first and only warning.  This is complete and utter
garbage and does not belong on the cygwin mailing list.  If you persist
in sending off-topic and inflammatory messages like this you will be

This is not the first time you've felt compelled to tell us a story
about your life but I've let it slide.  This is not a support forum
where you get to vent or fill us in on your life's frustrations.  It is
a mailing list designed to discuss cygwin.  If you can't understand the
distinction then you should refrain from posting entirely.


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