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Re: Query regarding Cygwin make/Gnu Make

On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, Rajagopalan, Karthik wrote:

>   I found today a weird working difference between Cygwin Make against Gnu
> Make. Let me explain the situation I faced.
Cygwin make *is* GNU make.

> I have following piece of code as "test" target. Here $(EXE) takes .exe for
> Windows and blank for Linux.
>  test:
> 	cat test.dat | test$(EXE) 1> test.res 2>&
> 	diff test.res test.std
> When "make test" is fired, it proceed to execute the first command
> 	cat test.dat | test$(EXE) 1> test.res 2>&
I am unfamiliar with the 2>& syntax.  Was that a typo?

> test$(EXE) return -1 back because of encountering a error in code test.c.
> This return value stops the execution of "make" utility in Cygwin to proceed
> to next command
That is correct.  (Now officially OT)  From "info make":

   To ignore errors in a command line, write a `-' at the beginning of
the line's text (after the initial tab).  The `-' is discarded before
the command is passed to the shell for execution.

   For example,

             -rm -f *.o

This causes `rm' to continue even if it is unable to remove a file.

> 		diff test.res test.std
> where in Linux it proceeds to execute the above code. This is the desired
> execution we require to happen. Why is this strange difference in "Cygwin
> Make" and "GNU Make". Which is correct order of execution :Cygwin Make or
> GNU Make". Can you explain me the workingfunctionality behind this taking
> into account the return value to shell?
Sounds like a Linux GNU make bug to me.  AFAIK, the return status for a
pipeline is generally that of the last command.


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