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Re: Cygwin port of Perl broken on Win32? Or does Cygwin not run onwin32?

  I'd like to use 1 Perl to write them in, 1 Perl to test them in, and
ONE PERL to RUN THEM ALL!!!....   (sorry, just got finished watching the
  extended LOTR:TT DVD)....

Seriously -- I can handle a different distro/platform, but I only have
1 home directory on Win32 and only 1 set of env/login. I don't want
to have to logout and log back in as a different user to use different
distros (How else would one change %INC in the desktop process itself
so that any children would be spawned would know which distro specific
include directories to include.

I certainly can't see putting a "use distro(distro=Cygwin,native,ASPN)"
at the top of each perl script just to inform each perl script as
to which distro to use... This seems especially sad when the scripts
are all running on the same machine under the same OS.
I have no way of telling a perl script which perl to use for which

How is it that "IsWinNT came to be "undefined" on a Win-based platform,
anyway?  Just seems weird...

Thanks for the heads up/info....

Rafael Kitover wrote:

If you just need to use the Win32:: Perl modules, use the ActiveState
Perl at:

If you specifically need the Win32:: modules on Cygwin, please check my
project page in a few days at:

Some incompatibilities have crept in over the past few months that I'm
currently working on resolving, and updating the modules to the latest
versions. Currently only ODBC doesn't build. I'll post a message to the
list when things are more or less ready.

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