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Re: Is HOME directory broken?

At 04:57 PM 12/3/2003, Joaquin you wrote:
>There seems to be some odd behavior with the HOME directory.  The
>default profile scripts are suppose to initially set this directory up,
>but they seem to be failing.  I tried this on several different systems
>(Windows 2000 and Windows XP), but I run into problems.  I then created
>a HOME environment variable in the cygwin.bat file, but this did not
>work.  It one case, doing a cd $HOME only goes to the root of the C:
>drive, even when a C:\CYGWIN\HOME exists or doesn't exist.
>What's going on?  How do I get a functional home directory system
> - Joaquin
>PS - I did not find adequate info on this in the FAQ, nor in any
>documentation files.

I guess it's a common trap we all fall into then.  You should read
<> and provide the details of your 
problem.  /var/log/setup.full may be useful to attach as well.

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