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install native/x11 ghostscript


starting to use the newly available gv, I noticed the following
conflict between the native and x11 ghostcript packages:

Using the cygwin setup, even if I try to selectively install
just ghostscript-x11 (besides ghostscript-base, of course),
next time I run the setup, without manual intervention
the ghostscript native will be installed, too,
which in fact should not be necessary. However, if I let happen
this, gv will complain about the missing x11 or x11alpha devices,
because in my search path, /bin/gs.exe will be found before
/usr/X11R6/bin/gs.exe, maybe since X11 was initially not installed.

To circumvent further conflicts I simply put a copy of the X11-capable gs
into /bin just overwriting the native gs already residing there.

My question simply is, why setup recommends installing the
native gs even if the x11 version was already installed, or even
further, if there is some mechanism to ensure exclusive installation
of such packages.

Greetings and thanks


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